2018 styles

Due to nature of computer display technology, appearance of colour on actual product may differ slightly from image below. 

C900 unfinish
C901 light.oak
C902B white
C903 acacia
C904 walnut
C905 sheesham
C906 mango
C907 wax.oak
C908 wash.white
C909 oyster.white
C910 white.gold
C911 pewter
C912 champagne
C913 lime.ash
C914 ash
C915 ant.oak
C916 lime.oak
C917 mushroom
C918 latte
C919 ghost
C920 anthracite
C921 dark.walnut
C922 mid.oak
C923 black.gold
C924 gold.ivory
C925 ivory.gold
C926 ant.white
C927 gold.wisp.white
C928 silver.wisp.white
C929 ant.wisp.white
C930 cream
C931 beeech
C932 ant.pine
C933 dove.grey
C934 ant.gold
C935 driftwood
C936 ant.light.oak
C937 wax.natural
C938 light.oak
C940 mahogany
C941 natural
C942 snow.white
C943 black.gold
C944 black.silver
C945 charcoal-grey
C946 grey
C947 polished.pebble
C948 pearl
C949 grey
C950 ant.grey
C951 white.wash
C952 white.stain
C953 walnut
C954 multitone grey
C955 ant.grey
C956 coastal.grey
C957 dark.grey
C959 grey
C962 light.grey
C963 taupe
C964 bright.white
C965 ash.gray
C966 driftwood
C967 ant.grey
C969 ant.brass
C970 brushed.chrome
C971 steel.grey
C972 rose.gold
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